Inspiration for today...

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.

Philippians 4: 4-8

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WW #6 - Some People Have Ficus Trees!?!

Does this work to leave it up all year?? Some people have Ficus trees - I just have an evergreen tree... I'll take the stockings off of the mantle this year.
OK, probably not - but it would save time next December!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Milkshake Giveaway...

Hooray for Milkshake Music!!! This is just so much fun!!
Milkshake Music is family friendly rock and roll that the kids and parents will enjoy - fun fun fun! Yes, it is aimed at kids, but is a lot of fun for all. They have been seen on tv on Discovery kids and PBS kids and do regular live performances that have everyone dancing and joining in. If you are on the east coast, there is a list of upcoming concerts on their website. I'm hoping that they'll be heading west soon.
I popped in the dvd and my boys loved them...they were up be-bopping. I even enjoyed the songs.

I've been given a great prize pack to pass along to one of my readers.
* Milkshake Screen Play DVD
* Milkshake Play CD
* Milkshake Comic Book

***Main Entry: For your main entry, go to and then tell me something fun you saw on the site.*** (If you are not a blogger or if your email address is not publicly available on your blogger account, please post it in your entry so that I may contact you if you win)
Extra Credit Entries: (must do main entry first- post a separate comment for each extra credit entry)
* Post on your blog about the giveaway and comment with the link (2 entries)
Giveaway ends on February 6th, 2009 at 10pm Central Time. Giveaway is open for US mailing addresses only. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to notification with shipping info - if no response, another winner will be chosen.
After you enter here, please check out the other giveaways in the Bloggy Carnival!

Monday, January 26, 2009

For the Love of Chocolate - Valentine's Giveaway!

Here is one giveaway that you don't want to miss...

Yummy Tastefully Simple product in one package ready for Valentine's Day. A retail value of over $55.00 - includes shipping. For the Love of Chocolate includes: Truffle Fudge Brownie Mix(dark, velvety brownie mix loaded with chunks of chocolate), Chocolatini Drink Mix(Chocolate Almond Frozen Martini that's always ready when you are - can be made either with or without alcohol), AND a gorgeous wooden serving tray(Italian-inspired design). How cool and yummy is that!

Here is what you need to do: Go to my Tastefully Simple website - or on the side of my blog and check out their products...come back here and leave a comment on what you would purchase. For extra can place an order (five more chances to win), blog about it (be sure to link my to your blog in the comment), or email two or more of your friends (copy me on the email). Contest will end on February 3rd so that I will have time to get it sent to you for Valentine's Day! Good Luck!!!

PS You need not be a blogger just make sure I know where/how to reach you if you win!

A Brief Layover...

Dan had a brief layover in Minnesota on his way from LA to a suburb of Miami. His plane arrived in Mpls at 1:00 PM and he left this morning at 7:30 AM. I didn't tell the boys that he was coming home...I wish I had a video of their reaction. They were so excited to have him home - they literally would not let go of him for hours.

I thought about joining him in Miami - and as I write this it is below zero again! But there is too much stuff to do around the house and we have bills to pay. Besides, if you know my kiddos - would you want to be in an airport/plane with them for that long? Or in a car for three days driving down? I didn't think so! Besides who will take care of the killer dog when it is freezing outside?

He will be home again in a little while and then I think it will be for a while - so in a way it is good he is gone again for awhile...

Fourth Friday of Every Month...

Yep! That's right - it was Karaoke night. Not that I sing mind you but it is fun to go and hang out with friends. Actually, I did sing on friday - believe it or not I sang with my friends, Lisa and Anna. We sang, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight."
It was lots of fun - Thanks again Jean and Ray for hosting!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fruit RollUps Giveaway...

Hello - Yes, I have another giveaway. These are for some yummy fruit rollups. But not just any fruit rollups - these are personalized - How cool is that?! I was able to try these out and I ordered some for our New Years "cards". It was so easy to design your own. You could use either pictures and designs already made or you could design your own. If you wanted, you could even upload a picture. I will definitely have to go back for K's first birthday and order some.

Here is my New Year's design:

So easy and so much fun! Visit and create your personalized My FruitRoll-Ups. The best part is I am allowed to give one of you a box to personalize for yourself. If you would like to win a box of these - please leave a comment. Contest will end on Valentine's Day and a winner will be chosen at random...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Funnies #4 - How should I take this???

On Wednesday afternoon, I asked my friend Jean if she would graciously watch my boys while I had an appointment. She agreed because her grandson, CJ is staying and he fits right inbetween my two boys - they get along fabulous as well. Well, of course, when I come back neither of my boys wants to leave because they are having so much fun... I have to bribe them with swiss cake rolls to clean up and then corral them out the door to get home to eat supper then head back into town for AWANA.

I finally get them in the car and we are heading down the road back to our house and D starts telling me (again) how I am a mean mom because I make them leave when they are having fun(C joins with "Yeah, mom, your mean!). And, how I am so boring because I don't let them do anything (C again "Yeah, mom, your boring!). AND, how I am just NO FUN AT ALL!! (C, "Yeah, No fun at all!"). I told them that since I am so mean, boring and just no fun that I will put them up for adoption so that they can find someone who is better BUT that they might get someone who is meaner, more boring and less fun than I am so they better watch out.

D says to that, "Oh yeah, mom, you are just so mean and boring and no fun you shouldn't be a mom at all - you should just be an AUNT or something." (C - "Yeah, an aunt or something.").

They love their aunties and think that their aunties are the most funnest ever and so I should be fun and spoil them like their aunties...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Potty Training Woes

Does someone want to take my C for the week and bring him back potty trained? I didn't think so. C found his Diego underwear from Santa and decided he wanted to wear them - with no diaper or pullup underneath. I thought maybe he would want to go. He sits down and counts to ten then gets up and says he went. I even tried bribing him with an M&M, but he says he went just to get the treat. He is definitely not ready yet. I remember with D, he had to make up his mind to go and once that happened it was fairly easy to train him. I think C is going to be a lot harder though. Lets hope that girls are different...I think K will be trained before C!

Book Reviews...

On Saturday, I received a package via UPS. Now generally, I know when a package is arriving but had no clue what this one was. When I opened it, I was excited to find three books to review - My boys were excited too. They love getting and reading new books.

Peek-a-Boo, I Love You!
written and illustrated by Sandra Magsamen
Babies will love playing peek-a-boo with this interactive, lift-the-flap board book, featuring favorite animals on each spread. This adorable hide-and-seek book invites little ones to discover messages of love, with soothing rhymes and engaging illustrations as only Sandra Magsamen can deliver. The anticipation of what's hiding on the next page will keep kids guessing and giggling all the way to the surprise ending - when a heart-shaped mirror reveals who's loved most of all!

K loves to play peek-a-boo so this was a great book for her. She loved the mirror at the end and making faces in it. The boys love to read it to her...of course they couldn't remember it word for word but got pretty close. It has wonderful pictures of animals and great rhyming on each page.

Bippity Bop Barbershop
by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley
illustrated by E. B. Lewis

In this companion book to the bestselling I Love My Hair, a young boy, Miles, makes his first trip to the barbershop with his father. Like most little boys, he is afraid of the sharp scissors, the buzzing razor, and the prospect of picking a new hairstyle. But with the support of his dad, the barber, and the other men in the barbershop, Miles bravely sits through his first haircut. Written in a reassuring tone with a jazzy beat and illustrated with graceful, realistic watercolors, this book captures an important rite of passage for boys and celebrates African-American identity.

D loved this book...He asked if he was brave at his first haircut too. I loved the colorful pictures and the fact that the little boy wanted to be like his Dad. Dad's are great heros and I think we need more books like this. In fact, both the boys are now wanting to get their haircut again - which is good because they both need it.

The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is the newest blockbuster series by James Patterson, one of the bestselling authors of all time. A teen with supreme abilities, Daniel has vowed to continue his parents' mission as an Alien Hunter, tracking down and destroying the intergalactic enemies of the human race. The adventure continues in Daniel X: Alien Hunter, the first graphic novel from Patterson, featuring an all-new thrilling story and with artwork by acclaimed illustrator Leopoldo Gout.
Visit for more on James Patterson's outstanding series.

This was a great book...easy to read and hard to put down...I finished it in one day and am looking forward to getting the next one in the series. I was a little apprehensive about this one thinking it was more my husband's sci-fi style, but I really enjoyed it. This would be a great one for teenagers as well. I think that maybe my nephews would like this series, which is good because I have a hard time finding gifts for them. James Petterson is a great author - keeps things going so you can't put the books down.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Funnies #3 - More of D's Oneliners...

Reader Warning: Part of this story not suitable for children who have fettish for sticking things up their noses!

A couple of Sundays ago we were dropping my husband off at the airport - on the way home we stopped at McDonalds because the boys were starving and I figured it would keep them quiet in the truck. It covered both issues for the most part until we were almost home. Then the boys were antagonizing each other - trying (and succeeding) to make the other scream. I did my usual threat of making them walk up the driveway when we got home. I thought that worked until I heard D scream again - this time it was different - it sounded more like the M&M nose incident (click here), but I knew they did not have M&M's. I look back and sure enough he had that panicked look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "This was up my nose." I asked what he was talking about, he said, "This." I asked what "this" was supposed to be.

Apparently, he pulled darker, crusty part off of his bun and rolled it up then stuck it up his nose. Then, he informs me, "There is still some up there, Mom!" Now, mind you I am still driving....I asked if he could blow it out....luckily it all came out. I asked him why he thought he should do that again - didn't he learn not to stick things up his nose from the M&M incident. He said, "Mom, I only HALF learned that."

I said, "Well, I certainly hope you learned the other half now!"

Wow - this is really the FROZEN North!

When I looked at the temperature this morning - at 8:00 - it was 30 degrees BELOW zero. Help! That is way too cold even for Minnesota. Alaska is even warmer at 30+ degrees. Dan right now is in LA and they are having a heat wave with temps in the upper 80's. That is a difference of 118 degrees. I have no idea how cold it actually got here last night or what the windchill factor if any was but WHY do we live in Minnesota!?!?!?!?

If I had my way, we would be snuggled up in bed under the covers to hibernate the cold weather away. My two boys on the other hand see the sun outside and think it is a beautiful day - they want to go outside and play. So, I just brought the blankets out to the couch and we are going to pretend that is bed and watch movies, eat popcorn and snuggle to stay warm. It is going to be the perfect day for my Mom's YUMMY Chili. Maybe I can get them to take naps!!!

There is supposed to be a warm-up next week - it will be in the 30's. WHOOHOO! Break out the shorts. I am praying for an early spring and temps in the 60's and 70's (my ideal temperatures!). Dan will be flying to Miami soon...maybe I will be crazy enough to pack up the kiddos and meet him down there for awhile. If I don't blog for awhile - I'm either frozen or left this freezer...

Stride Rite

For over eighty-five years, Stride Rite has been designing and engineering footwear specifically to meet the needs of growing children. We all know how tempting it is to re-purpose your first baby’s shoes for your second child. However, it is so important to have your baby professionally fitted and buy quality shoes for their first steps. Stride Rite has created a new line of Natural Motion System Early Walker shoes for babies learning to take their first steps. The shoes have easy on/stay on, plus great comfort, traction, and protection.
Stride Rite sent me this pair of the Farrow Azalea/Hot Pink for my daughter to try. While they are a little big right now she loves them...they catch her eye and she loves to stand up in them. The shoe gives her more balance. I love the fact that they are quality made shoes, easily put on, and that they will stay on her feet. Thank you Stride Rite for my daughters first pair of walking shoes!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Join the Qlubb...

Qlubb is a free, easy-to-use online group site. With online rsvp, sign-up sheets, custom URL, file/photo sharing, auto reminders and much more, Qlubb is the easiest way to organize and manage your group's events, activities and members. It's perfect for school classrooms, scout troops, sports teams, book clubs, hobbyists, religious groups, families, etc!

This is an awesome group site...I loved the fact that you can put your group's calendar on it and everyone in the group can check it out. This saves time because you don't have to be calling or emailing everyone - they can just look on this site. You can also send out invites through the Qlubb site to invite those people who need to attend certain meetings.

Very easy to use and user-friendly. Check it out today!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's not a Fad Diet...but a way of life...

I am looking forward to reading this book and working through the workbook. A few of my friends are also trying this...lets hope it works...gotta do something. She lost 200 pounds doing this - I can loose a few too...can't I???

Summary: After years of failed diet attempts, Chantel Hobbs discovered the missing ingredient to permanent weight loss: to change your life, you first have to change the way you think.
She developed a balanced plan for exercise and nutrition and lost two hundred pounds. Now, through writing, speaking, and her work as a personal trainer, she inspires others to achieve far more than they thought possible.
In Never Say Diet, now available in trade paperback, Chantel provides everything readers need to lose weight for good, including:

  • Simple, step-by-step workout routines that fit into a normal weekday schedule
  • A realistic approach to nutrition that helps people break their bondage to food
  • Strategies for staying motivated when life takes unexpected turns
  • Keys to dealing with discouragement by relying on God’s strength
  • The secret to moving beyond past failures and getting over old excuses

Chantel helps readers make the five commitments that are necessary for changing their lives. Her high-energy, no-nonsense approach inspires readers to achieve results that last in body, mind, and spirit.
Personal Trainer: Her newest book, The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Coach, now allows readers to have Chantel show up each week to inspire, encourage, and energize them on the journey to a healthy life that centers on body, mind, and spirit.
This fitness guide helps readers set new weight-loss goals and create an exercise schedule that works in the midst of life’s constant demands. Readers will be inspired with Scripture, and they will welcome Chantel’s healthy eating plan with simple, energy-and-nutrition-packed recipes. Weekly checklists and personal evaluations direct readers in reaching their goals. Plus, Chantel’s personal and entertaining stories provide the motivation needed to get through even the most frustrating days.
With Never Say Diet and The Never Say Diet Personal Fitness Coach readers will establish new fitness habits that burn off excess weight, increase strength, and establish a new, healthy way of living.
Author Bio: Chantel Hobbs is a personal trainer, certified spinning instructor, and motivational speaker whose no-excuses approach to fitness has won her a grateful following across the country. The author of Never Say Diet, Chantel hosts a weekly fitness program on Reach FM radio and is a regular guest on Way FM. Her “Ditch the Diet, Do the Weekend” bootcamp takes place several times a year in a variety of locations. She has presented her unique approach to lasting fitness in People magazine and on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, The 700 Club, Living the Life, and Paula White Today. Chantel enjoys life with her husband and their four children in South Florida.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Funnies # 2 - Atheist's Holiday

Have you heard about this case?

In Florida , an atheist became incensed over the preparation of Easter and Passover holidays. He decided to contact his lawyer about the discrimination inflicted on atheists by the constant celebrations afforded to Christians and Jews with all their holidays while atheists had no holiday to celebrate. The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the long passionate presentation by the lawyer, the Judge banged his gavel and declared, 'Case dismissed!'

The lawyer immediately stood and objected to the ruling and said, 'Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter and many other observances. Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah...yet my client and all other atheists have no such holiday!'

The judge leaned forward in his chair and simply said, 'Obviously your client is too confused to even know about, much less celebrate his own atheists' holiday!'

The lawyer pompously said, 'Your Honor, we are unaware of any such holiday for atheists. Just when might that holiday be, your Honor?'

The judge said, 'Well it comes every year on exactly the same date---April 1st! Since our calendar sets April 1st as 'April Fools Day,'consider that Psalm 14:1 states, 'The fool says in his heart, there is no God.' Thus, in my opinion, if your client says there is no God, then by scripture, he is a fool, and April 1st is his holiday! Now have a good day and get out of my courtroom!!'

Well said - don't you think!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #6 - Thirteen things to improve on in 2009

In no particular order!!!

  1. Quality of time spent with my children (not quantity).
  2. Quality of time spent in the Word of God.
  3. Time spent exercising...MORE NEEDED!!
  4. Quality of relationships with my friends.
  5. Good deeds done in secret!
  6. Glass half-full mentality.
  7. Being a "Ray-of -Sunshine" by spreading warmth.
  8. Improving my knowledge by reading more.
  9. Reading more books to my children.
  10. Less busyness and more relaxing.
  11. Taking time to enjoy the stages of life that my kids are at now.
  12. Stressing less about EVERYTHING!
  13. Trying to be less Super-human and just more human!

Good luck to me!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

WW #5 - Not the way to start the New Year!!

Who would have thought that little amount of damage would total a car. Yes, It was totalled and yes, my husband has already found me another - provided when we go test drive it runs as good as it looks.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Belated Third Birthday C!!!

I have been feeling rather bad lately that I have not posted for C's birthday...It is the day after Christmas and I was rather busy with the holidays and a birthday party. So - C - here is your post!

C was born the day after Christmas - three years ago. He was supposed to be born at the end of February but that was not happening. My blood pressure reached unimaginable highs and the Doctors gave me two choices: either induce and risk both of our lives OR have an emergency C-section. We didn't know that we were having a boy before he was born but I knew that "he" was already fighting a downhill battle being two months early so I opted for the C-section. He was born December 26 at 9:07pm and off to the NICU he went.

Now, I know that my husband had the worst end of things - deciding who to stay with - so I made the decision for him and sent him to watch over his son. I pretty much slept through my recovery anyway. I don't remember exactly when I was "allowed" to see my son - I think it was at least a day and half later if not longer but my hubby was going back and forth between the two of us and taking pictures for me. I was in the hospital for six days and C was in the hospital for 21 days.

You would never know looking at him today that he was born two months premature. He looks just like his daddy and is very happy-go-lucky and has a go-with-the-flow attitude much like his father. He is a fighter for sure! He loves sports, "pretending," singing, reading, dancing, playing with his big brother, cousins and his friends, AND giving his little sister lots of loving. He is very sensitive and has a very caring heart. He loves to snuggle with his momma, especially when he just wakes up. Here is a picture from his THIRD birthday... an ice cream sandwich beats cake out anyday!

I love you, little man!!!

Doctor Appointments

All three of the kiddos had doctor appointments today - well checks. They are all fighting a cold but otherwise perfectly healthy. The boys had their eyes checked too...both 20/20. D is in the 40% for weight and 48% for height. C is in the 48% for weight and 40% for height - he dared try tell me he was a little concerned on his weight but if you would see C, you would disagree! K on the other hand is in the 13% for height and 63% for weight...but you gotta love these cheeks!

K has actually been on a neb since before Christmas. The Dr wanted to make sure that we didn't have to make an ER run over the Holidays. Her cough has not gotten any better and she has a little bit of a wheeze yet. I think it was better for a little while but now has gone backwards :(. They did a chest X-ray - I think that is the most heartwrenching thing that I have ever had to experience as a Mom. Watching them be held in place with their arms raised and listening to your baby scream bloody murder but knowing that it is for their best interest. I have had to go through that twice with C too. (Still waiting for Dan to take his turn doing that!!!) The X-ray was clear so that was good. The Doc even printed out one of the pictures for the boys because they wanted to see her skeleton. He is the coolest Doc - so glad I switched to our town clinic! That is another whole blog all together...

Friday, January 2, 2009

No, I am not Quitting!

No Lisa, I am not quitting. There are many reasons that I haven't been blogging Christmas, birthday parties, dedications, New Years Party, and the biggest - my husband is home!

The last week and a half has also been CRAZY with work and the holidays. We had a great Christmas. I worked Monday and Tuesday of that week. Christmas Eve we spent with Dan's Mom and Dad. Christmas morning we got up a little slow and the boys opened Santa presents and presents from us. Then we had Happy Birthday Jesus! pancakes, sang Happy Birthday and talked about when Jesus was born. They we loaded the car and headed out to my parents for Christmas there. Friday we did some after Christmas shopping but didn't really get anything and then came home to clean the house for Sunday.

On Sunday, we dedicated our little K to the Lord at church then came home and had a dedication and birthday party (for D, C, and my nephew). We had lots of family join us in church at 10:00 for the dedication and then came home to celebrate along with the boys' birthdays. C and my nephew fell asleep when it was time to do cake and presents so we waited until they woke up for presents and had cake after supper. Here are some pics of that...

Monday and Tuesday I worked again and then Wednesday Dan and I were supposed to go into St. Cloud for a meeting but that never happened. We were going to drop the boys off at a friends house and after some wrong turns we were headed in the right direction. When, suddenly, I looked up and said, "Dan, I think that car is stopped!" (In the middle of the road! - no brake lights on it!) Sure enough. Dan tapped the brakes but the road was so icy that we just slid off the road - and into a tree. THANKFULLY, no one was hurt and K even slept through the whole thing. The boys were a little freaked out but were okay. Just an inconvient way to start the new year off! Glad it was Dan driving this time - if you know what I mean!! Not a very good picture because of the sun - I'll post another for WW...

We called our friends to get a ride to their house and Dan stayed to get the car pulled out of the ditch. Our friends graciously let us stay - and even fed us (Thanks Ray and Jean!!) - until Dan brought the Durango home and came with the truck. We went home a bit shaken but got ready for the New Years Eve party at our house later that evening. For the last four or so years we have been hosting a New Years Eve party at our house for families so that people don't have to get a babysitter to enjoy the night with their friends. We had 5-6 families over and I hope everyone had a great time! This year the party went until 4:30 AM!!! And that is all that I am allowed to write about - because "What happens at the New Years party - stays at the New Years party!" Next year, you will just have to come if you want to find out......
Well, I think that I am all caught up on everything for awhile....